Balanced financial guidance for you.

At Brightrock Financial, we are committed to helping you feel comfortable with and educated about your personal finances so you can achieve the work-life balance that is right for you. In every financial planning situation, we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your particular circumstances and determine the best way to achieve your goals. Your insurance and investment accounts are held with third party insurance and investment companies as stated on your statements.

Meet The Team

Janea Dieno

Owner & Operator

Jordan Macpherson

Associate Advisor

Lorelle Brehaut

Investment Advisory Assistant and Office Manager

Tanya Kirkwood

Office Assistant
Janea Dieno is a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintree Financial Solutions Inc. Raintree works with a team of dedicated financial advisors who help enable, empower and educate our clients to make strategic decision about which investments are right for their portfolios.

 “As a Private Wealth Advisor, I have made the decision to join Raintree in pursuit of bringing my clients a platform that is truly different than what you find at ordinary financial institutions.”