Advisor Disclosure & Confidentiality for Brightrock Financial Inc

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Insurance Company Relationships
Brightrock Financial can offer a full range of insurance products and services offered by the following companies: Assumption Life, Blue Cross, BMO Insurance, Canada Life, Canada Protection Plan, Desjardins Financial Security, Edge Benefits, Empire Life, Equitable Life of Canada, Foresters, Great West Life, Humania Insurance Inc., IA Excellence, Industrial Alliance, Manulife, RBC Insurance, SSQ, Standard Life, Sun Life Financial, and Transamerica. Brightrock Financial is licensed to sell insurance and investments in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia only.

Distributor Relationship & Representatives
Brightrock Financial is an independent licensed broker agency for life, accident and sickness insurance and segregated investment funds. Janea Dieno and Jordan Macpherson are representatives with Brightrock Financial Inc and are licensed for life, accident and sickness insurance and segregated fund investments. Insurance related business is processed through Financial Horizons Group (a Managing General Agent “MGA”), which will pay to Brightrock Financial, or direct the insurance company to pay, a bonus on commissions earned from the sale of insurance products that are sold. This bonus constitutes a portion of the overall compensation Brightrock is paid in conjunction with commissions referenced below.

Other Distributor Relationships
Janea Dieno is also a registered Dealing Representative with Raintree Financial Solutions, an Exempt Market Dealer.

Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, Trust & Estate Practitioner, Life License, Exempt Market Product License & Continuing Education Credits
Janea Dieno is a Certified Financial Planner and adheres to a special code of ethical conduct as administered by the Financial Planning Standards Council. She is also an active member of Advocis, our financial advisors association.

In order to maintain these various licenses, Janea Dieno and Jordan Macpherson are required to meet mandatory continuing education requirements each year. Where applicable, they meet these educational requirements through attendance at various seminars and industry meetings.

Compensation – Monetary and Non-Monetary
Upon completion of an insurance or investment transaction, Brightrock Financial will be paid a sales commission by the company that provides the product you purchase, which, is generally based on a percentage of the premiums. Brightrock Financial may receive a renewal (or service) commission if you keep that policy in force. Brightrock Financial may be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses or non-monetary benefits, such as travel incentives, conferences, seminars – depending on various factors such as the volume of sales or persistency of business that is placed during a given time of period. Should your contract be cancelled within 24 months of issue date, Brightrock Financial may be subject to a chargeback for a portion, or all of the commissions earned.

Nature Of Our Relationship with The Companies Brightrock Financial Inc Represents
No insurance company holds an ownership interest in Brightrock Financial, nor does Brightrock Financial control ownership in any insurance company.

Conflicts Of Interest
Brightrock Financial is required to declare any interest that may prevent offering impartial advice. You will be notified immediately if there is a conflict of interest of which they become aware in regards to their services.

Products Provided
A full range of insurance products and services are offered to you, including life, critical illness, disability, segregated funds, annuities, health and dental, GIA’s and group benefits. Areas for which you opt to decline WILL NOT BE DISCUSSED and as such, you agree to remove Brightrock Financial from any responsibility whatsoever regarding those declined areas.

Collection Of Information
Brightrock Financial will, from time to time, collect financial and other information on you. This information includes transaction-related details arising from your relationship through this firm. Information may be obtained from a variety of sources, including your own records with Brightrock Financial, transactions you have made with Brightrock Financial, credit reporting agencies and other financial institutions, or references you have provided to Brightrock Financial.

Use of Information and Access to Information
You authorize Brightrock Financial and their distributors, Financial Horizons Group and Raintree Financial Solutions Inc., to collect and maintain this information when you apply for an insurance or investment product or service, and during the course of this relationship in order to administer the insurance product or service for which you have applied, and to fulfill the legal and regulatory obligations.

For these purposes, we will have to share your information with third party services, such as paramedical service providers, and insurers to whom you are applying for an insurance product or service. You have the right to obtain access to the information we hold about you on file at any time to review its content and accuracy and to have it amended as appropriate. To request access to your information, to ask questions about our privacy policies, or to request that the information not be shared or used for the purposes outlined above, you can now, or anytime in the future, contact us.

If you are no longer our client, or this agreement terminates, we may keep your information in our records so long as it is needed for the purposes described above or as long as it may be required by the law.

Additional Business
You are not required to transact additional or other business with Brightrock Financial Inc as a condition of this transaction. Other than outlined above, your personal information will not be shared with individuals or other organizations.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: Express Consent
You agree to allow Brightrock and staff to contact you from time to time in relation to your financial plans. Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL) came into effect on July 1st, 2014 and may affect the ability to send you a commercial electronic message (CEM). This may include any commercial electronic message, which may include communications about regulatory changes, news, publications, education program, information and invitations to events that may be of interest to you. By providing us your email address, you consent to receiving emails from me pertaining to your financial plans. Should your email address change, this consent is still valid until you unsubscribe For information about CASL, please visit their website at

This is for general information purposes only. The above information is not intended to provide specific investment advice to any individual or business entity and should not be relied on as such. Persons and/or business entities seeking financial and investment advice should always seek consultation from individuals in their home province. Janea Dieno and Jordan Macpherson are in all jurisdictions in which they provide financial services which include Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia only.
Janea Dieno is a representative for Raintree Financial Solutions, an Alberta-based Exempt Market Securities Dealership. Exempt Market Securities are offered through offering memorandum and subject to the provincial securities regulations in regions where they are sold. Always obtain a copy of the offering memorandum when considering an exempt market investment, and consult advice from an investment professional.