In The Media

Janea Dieno has been featured in various local news publications, sharing financial expertise alongside other Canadian business leaders.

Seminars & Speaking Engagements

Contact Janea Dieno for interview or speaker events at 306.979.5000

Past Seminar & Presentation Topics Have Included

  • Women & Financial Planning: PINK Seminar Series, Protection, Investments & the Need for Knowledge
    • This seminar series is a 4 series event that focuses on a variety of discussion points to estates and wills, understanding my insurance and benefits through my employer, where should I invest, what does a proper financial plan look like. This seminar series is targeted towards women.
    • As women, we live longer than men. We will need to prepare not only for our own future, but possibly for our parent’s future and our children’s future.
  • Cash Flow Planning: I make good money, but where does it all go? 
    • Gone are the days of sitting down at the kitchen table and balancing the chequebook on Sunday nights. So how do we maintain a good cash flow and household budget with the current resources?
    • This presentation focuses on how to design your household cash flow plan so that you can still use credit cards, ApplePay and all the other technology, but still have a grasp and the freedom to spend on your lifestyle.
  • Insurance: Understanding My Group Employer Benefits
    • This presentation is tailored to individual companies to go through their benefits plans and help employees understand what group benefits are available to them through health, dental, insurance and investments.
  • Retirement Planning: My Work Optional Lifestyle – How I go from getting a Paycheque to a Play-Cheque
    • This presentation is designed to guide you through the transition from work life to retirement life – or what I like to call “Work Optional Lifestyle”.
    • Transition planning needs to be thought out and well designed so that there are enough resources and income to have a worry free retirement
    • Savings and investments are only one aspect, what about activities and having a social life outside of work
  • Financial Planning Advisory Practice: How I Built My Practice, Maintain Loyal Clients, Create Financial Plans, Motherhood, Wife, Sister, Friend, & Wear Heels Everyday. This is how I do it.
    • This presentation introduces financial advisors to how Janea Dieno has built a successful financial planning practice, and still maintains a healthy family life.